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Relationship is a most fundamental skill.

Good relationships form the foundation for everything we long for in life.

Relationship is a domain of learning. Like music or sports, you practice to get good at it.

Simply learning the basics creates more love – at home, work, and in the world.

I offer the path to mastery.

I’m the author of Love’s Invisible Dance. For the last three decades I’ve been teaching relationship to thousands of people – in corporate leadership programs and community workshops around the globe.

Welcome to my world.

No Regrets

WHY YOU REALLY CAN’T SAY, “I SHOULD HAVE OR COULD HAVE…” It is tempting and all-too-common to look back and say “I should have done this” or “I could have done that,” imagining other choices that would have led to better outcomes.  But it is not an accurate representation of what was possible at the time. …

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