Relationship is a most fundamental skill.

Good relationships form the foundation for everything we long for in life.

Relationship is a domain of learning. Like music or sports, you practice to get good at it.

Simply learning the basics creates more love – at home, work, and in the world.

I offer the path to mastery.

I’m the author of Love’s Invisible Dance. For the last three decades I’ve been teaching relationship to thousands of people – in corporate leadership programs and community workshops around the globe.

Welcome to my world.


Life is short:

We appear one day as a small bubble in an eternal sea of life, are carried by the waves for a short time, and soon enough, disappear back into the deep.

We have a choice about how we approach life:

Either we believe that life is beyond our control. Fate decides who will be satisfied. Life takes us where it will.


We believe that we have the ability to affect our outcomes by learning how to navigate life’s winds, currents, and tides, and engage with peaceful and productive partners with whom we can manifest a dream.

To create a joyful life, we must learn to listen with wonder to the world around us, produce consistently satisfying engagements, overcome inevitable obstacles, crises, and conflicts, and return to peace.

This is what I teach.

I am a master navigator

For the past 30 years, I have taught thousands of people to navigate this world by understanding nature’s universal dance of relationship, a dance we’ve been doing all our lives unconsciously.

The lenses through which I came to see this universal dance were honed by studies in the philosophy of language, an 18-year apprenticeship with indigenous people of Mexico, and my own 30-year marriage.

I have introduced this dance to teams in organizations like Comcast and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and to individuals and couples in community workshops all over the globe.

My book Love’s Invisible Dance, the 7 keys to authentic, joyful, and lasting relationship lays out the fundamental principles and strategies for creating a satisfying life.

Once you see the invisible dance, you can’t unsee it. And seeing it changes everything! I invite you to explore new thinking about how to create more joy and more love in your life.

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