The Treasure Mirror – karen aberle

Relationship is a most fundamental skill.

Good relationships form the foundation for everything we long for in life.

Relationship is a domain of learning. Like music or sports, you practice to get good at it.

Simply learning the basics creates more love – at home, work, and in the world.

I offer the path to mastery.

I’m the author of Love’s Invisible Dance. For the last three decades I’ve been teaching relationship to thousands of people – in corporate leadership programs and community workshops around the globe.

Welcome to my world.

The Treasure Mirror

Attractiveness –

I hear it often – “I’ll be attractive when I lose 20 pounds,” or “Get a promotion,” or “A new car,” or… If you don’t see yourself as attractive as you would like, you’ve probably been short-changed by looking in the wrong mirror – one that’s been polished by Mother Culture in which you compare yourself to standards of beauty and success that are either unachievable or somewhere off in the future. Admittedly, while good looks and money are undoubtedly strong magnets, plenty of extremely attractive people possess neither.  The tabloids are constantly reminding us that wealth or physical beauty alone are insufficient to create an enduring intimacy.  It’s not about the wrapping, but what’s inside.

You can be attractive right now by changing the mirror.

A different mirror

Put aside the beauty mirror for a moment and check out the treasuremirror.  This mirror reflects your attractiveness from the inside out.  It shows your appreciation of life.  Gazing into this mirror, you can see yourself within an enormous, continuously unfolding, mysterious world, full of hidden gifts. How you feel about yourself and this world radiates your aliveness.  Your openness to discovery, your desire to contribute, your gratitude, and your confidence glows from your core and draws people to your light.

The bad news about this mirror is that it can be harsh when it reveals our humanity – our resentment, doubt, and stubbornness.  The good news is – this mirror reveals both our abilities and limitations. It can show us possibilities and what we must learn in order to be more satisfied with our lives.  It makes life a treasure hunt.  Appreciating the enormity of our learning creates an energy of wonder and a hunger for teachers.  Knowing we can learn anything we put our mind to, confidence expands as learning takes place. Attractiveness projects the message, “You want to dance with me, because I am a joy to be with.”

Are you willing to take a look?