We are born into an eternal sea of life, appearing one day like a fragile bubble, borne by the waves for a relatively short time (in the grand scheme of things), and soon disappear back into the deep. We humans have the gift of choice – either to be carried by the currents, tides, and weather wherever life will take us or set our sights on distant shores, gather some driftwood, put up a sail, join forces with others, and navigate as best we can to achieve our vision. For a joyful life, we must learn to listen with wonder to the world around us, find opportunities for satisfying engagement, overcome inevitable obstacles, crises, and conflicts, and find peace, comfort, and even, ecstasy.

I am a master navigator. For the past 30 years, I have been teaching thousands of people to navigate this world by understanding nature’s universal dance of relationship. I invite you to explore this invisible world with me.